Local, Professional Music lessons in the heart of Riverside and Leslieville
Local, Professional Music lessons in the heart of Riverside and Leslieville

Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson is a guitar player and teacher from the Toronto area. His passion for music developed at a young age, and sees him dedicated to furthering his practice everyday. Eric has studied under some of Toronto’s most prominent instructors and players, including Timothy Smith, Drew Henderson, and Nichol Robertson.


Teaching since 2008, Eric has become a fixture and a favoured teacher at Lowe’s School of Music. Aside from his tenured teaching at Lowe's, Eric has been a part of furthering the musical education at The Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund, The Living Arts Center, The Erin Mills Youth Center, and The Conservatory of Music Enhanced Education.


In the classroom Eric creates an atmosphere that fosters creativity and a love for music in students of all ages and all playing abilities. Eric is motivated by inspiring his student’s musical confidence. His love of music is infectious, and his love for teaching is undeniable.

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